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Ask Kleppers about power management devices.

eFlow plus LINQ2 ...now communicate over the network. Altronix LINQ2 remotely reports accurate power diagnostics Controls power and resets devices from anywhere Email and SNMP trap message notifications Event log tracks history Eliminates service calls and creates RMR...

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Kleppers Security Source: Avoid Liability Issues

Do you know how many visitors are in your facility right now? What if there is a fire or emergency? Visitor Control Management Once an access control system has been installed, employees may gain access to certain areas in the building by using their badges. Yet,...

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Who Was In The Office Over The Weekend?

Know what goes on at your business when you're not able to be there. Kleppers Security Source provides piece of mind and accountability through Access Control Systems. Contact us if you have concerns about your facility.

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  • The BCI Launches Women in Resilience Group February 20, 2019
    The Business Continuity Institute has formed a new group, Women in Resilience (WiR), which aims to connect and empower women in business continuity, organizational resilience and related disciplines.
  • Rand Report Recommends Strengthening Non-Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Programs February 20, 2019
    National capabilities for terrorism prevention — options other than traditional law-enforcement action to respond to the risk of individual radicalization to violence — are relatively limited, with most relying on local or non-government efforts and only a subset receiving federal support, according to a report from the Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC).
  • How to Run a Smooth, Large-Scale Event Emergency Preparedness Exercise February 19, 2019
    Federal, state and local agencies spent months preparing for the 2019 Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, game planning for the multitude of incidents that could threaten the safety and security of fans attending the game, as well as individuals and businesses that congregated in areas around the stadium.
  • Study Reveals Disguises are Effective February 19, 2019
    New research suggests that superficial but deliberate changes in someone's facial appearance -- such as a new hairstyle or complexion -- are surprisingly effective in identity deception.

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