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Why Your Small Business Needs a Security System

Why Your Small Business Needs a Security System

When you’re running a small business, making ends meet can be tough, so luxury expenses fall by the wayside. Maybe you don’t need a new cash register after all. The bathroom remodel can wait for another year.

But one item is often called a luxury when it’s really a necessity: a small business security system. In fact, having a security system can actually save you money in the long run. Here’s how:

Benefits of a Small Business Security System

There are countless ways a security system can benefit your business, depending on the features you choose. But here are some of the most fiscally helpful reasons for a security system:

Reduce Losses from Burglaries

This is the most obvious benefit of a small business security system. Cameras and other security features are deterrents for would-be burglars.

According to the FBI, the average loss from each burglary is $2,119. At that rate, a security system can pay for itself in spades.

Even if you do become a victim of theft, a security system can reduce your losses. Video surveillance makes it more likely that the police can catch the offender(s). If they do, you may be able to receive restitution.

There’s another added perk to this lower crime risk, too: your customers will notice it. Security cameras make customers feel safer in your business. Ultimately, this can give you more business as they’ll choose to shop with you rather than a less secure competitor.

Faster Emergency Response if Necessary

If you do get burglarized, having an alarm button can make all the difference in the result.

Imagine that your business is being robbed. Your employees would need to wait until the thieves leave to call 911. Through their shock, they would struggle to give the address and explain what happened. By the time the police arrive, there’s no trace of the burglars.

If you have a quick-trigger alarm, though, the police can be on their way the second the robbery begins. They may even arrive and catch the burglars before they can escape.

Controlled Access Saves on Locksmith Services

If you have a traditional lock and key, you need to have the locks changed every time an employee leaves or is terminated. These costs add up quickly, especially if you have high turnover.

But if your small business security system includes a controlled access door, these expenses are gone. Each employee can have their own code. When you have turnover, simply deactivate the ex-employee’s code at no cost.

Protection Against Liability Fraud

It’s no secret that there are fraudsters who will fake an injury to sue a business. Video surveillance is your best defense against this problem.

Whether it’s an employee or a customer, a video security system will show you exactly what happened. If the claim is legitimate, you can resolve it quickly rather than spending money investigating. If the claim is fraudulent, you have definitive proof.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies recognize the many costs a security system saves. That’s why many of them offer insurance discounts for security systems.

In some cases, these discounts are enough to pay for the security system over time. But each insurance carrier is different, so check with yours to find out if you could be saving money.

Start Saving with a Small Business Security System

Every small business owner asks, “Can I afford to get a security system?” With all the costs above that you risk without one, can you afford NOT to have a security system?

If you’re in the York, PA area, contact our security team to find out how you can secure your company and your savings now.

How to Choose the Best Door Access Control System

How to Choose the Best Door Access Control System

According to data, $50 billion is stolen annually from U.S. businesses.

A door access control system can be your first step to protecting your business’ property. This one investment can help prevent theft from happening by securing your office.

Read on for some tips on choosing a system for your needs.

Map Out Which Doors You Want

When choosing a control system, you need to decide which doors you want to be secured in your business. Do a walk-through of your space to see which ones are pertinent to the security of your area.

Understand that not all the doors in your space need to be controlled. Be realistic with which should be chosen.

Securing too many doors cause navigation to be time-consuming for people. This can lead to frustrations in your culture.

After you know what kind of layout you want you’ll be able to pick a door access control system that fits your needs. You’ll also need to know the material the doors are made of.

Compare Door Access Control Manufacturers

Research different manufacturers of the systems you are looking for. Get price quotes from many companies to ensure you are getting the best price.

See how long they have been in business, and ask for examples of systems they have set up in the past. Explore the different kits they offer to see which one will work best your business.

Have a Budget

Create a budget to help you find a door access control unit that is cost effective for your business. When creating this budget, you must take into consideration the needs of the system.

Updates and training of the system can increase the original cost of the units. Ask the manufacturer how often your system will need to be updated and how it will need to be maintained.

Think about where you see your business in a couple of years. If you expect growth or a commercial move understand that you may have to change systems or add doors to your plan.

Consider The Security Needed

Come to the table with what kind of security your business needs. Decide on security measures by thinking of the location of your business and the hours you are open. Crime rates are known to vary depending on geographic region.

If your building has a power outage you must be sure that your system will hold up. Ask the manufacturer how the system will react to the power being turned off in the building.

There are different swipe access components. Install key access or fingerprint scans depending on how secure you need the building to be.

Contact Building Management

Before contacting a company to install a system set up a meeting with your building manager. If your company doesn’t have one, contact the owner. Get permission and ask if they have any requirements for operating these systems.

If your building has any leftover equipment from other control systems ask if you can reuse them. As repurposing these pieces of equipment for a new system is often possible.

Learn More About Security

Protecting your space is important if you want to keep a successful business. Make sure your access control system is always in its best shape.

Keeping yourself informed of updates. For more information on how to keep your space safe check out our blog.

Advanced door control for interior doors

Advanced door control for interior doors

The PremiSys integration with Schlage NDE Wireless Locks is a unique, wireless lock solution that gives you advanced door control for interior
doors, common areas, and sensitive spaces. Designed to fit into a standard cylindrical door prep, the Schlage NDE wireless lock provides a quick
and easy way to transition from mechanical keys to electronic credentials. The locks are easy to install and communicate via Wi-Fi with the
PremiSys access control system, giving you the power of an enterprise access control solution!

Security for K-12

Medeco offers the perfect combination of high security mechanical and eCylinder solutions to meet the multi-faceted needs of education campuses of all sizes!  Stop by today to discover the vast security offerings and solutions Medeco provides to K-12 institutions. Contact Kleppers.com to learn more.

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