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Security Services

Access Control

Access Control verifies authorization in order to regulate who may enter a secure area. An audit of the date, time, and identity of persons who have gained or been denied access into a particular location is kept. We can survey your business or office and install an access control system that best meets your needs.

Many types of electronic keys are available. The most common are proxy card badges that are worn by an individual as a form of identification as well as a way to gain entry to a specified doorway. We provide these badges with a custom design chosen by the customer.

Smart Cards, especially those manufactured by Identicard, are another type of electronic key, which serve the same purposes as proxy badges. However, they can be used to do much more. For example smart cards can be used to track and monitor:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Guard Tour Information
  • Health Records, Equipment, and Material Check-out
  • Transit Passes, and Loyalty and Membership Programs
  • Digital Cash
  • HVAC Control
  • Information Access Authorization
  • Access to Office Equipment
Access Control Security Systems York PA

Visitor Control Management

Once an access control system has been installed, employees may gain access to certain areas in the building by using their badges. Yet, monitoring visitors could present a challenge. An access control system provides a simple and inexpensive solution. A Visitor Control Management System tracks visitors, providing a record of their identity and their location within the building. This program uses inexpensive paper badges that are easily programmed to identify a visitor and control the areas they may access until the activation period of the card expires.

Security Visitor Access Control

Commercial Security Systems

In combination with the installation of the proper locks on doors, a security system is an essential aspect of keeping property secure. Kleppers offers 24-hour monitoring systems that will alert you of an intrusion and contact fire and/or police departments.

Along with intrusion, smoke, fire, and carbon dioxide detection there are additional options available in a commercial application.

In the event of an emergency it is critical to ensure that everyone can exit a building as quickly and as safely as possible. Should a fire occur, it is crucial to prevent it from spreading to evacuation areas, such as staircases. Certain systems shut doors automatically to safeguard exits. Lighting can be installed that will illuminate the path to the nearest exit.

Along with sensors that detect smoke and fire we can install fire alarms that can be manually activated in the event of an emergency. The same type of pull switches can be installed and activated manually (with or without an audible siren) in an intruder situation. These systems can also be controlled and monitored remotely by the use of a modem and a computer.

Commercial Security Systems York PA
Commercial Security Systems

Residential Security Systems

In combination with the installation of the proper locks on doors, a security system is an essential aspect of keeping property secure. Kleppers offers 24-hour monitoring systems that will alert you of an intrusion and contact fire and/or police departments.

Many types of residential security systems are available and we can customize any one of them to meet your particular needs. We can install a system that will alert the authorities and create an audible siren if a particular door is breached or if multiple doors are breached. We post a visible warning sign indicating that your property is protected by Kleppers Security Source to deter intruders.

Sensors can also be added to windows to detect breakage. Motion, smoke, fire and carbon dioxide detectors can also be added onto your security system. Driveway motion sensors illuminate your path and also act as a deterrent to unwanted visitors.

Residential Security Systems

Home Alarm Systems

We install many different types of home security alarm systems. We will be glad to assist you with selecting and customizing the right alarm system to meet your needs. All of our alarm systems come with the option of a 24-hour monitoring operator who will contact the proper authority should the alarm go off. Please refer to our security page for more information.

Telephone Entry Systems/Intercoms

CCTV- Surveillance

Kleppers installs the most technologically advanced closed circuit television- surveillance systems. These systems provide high-quality, clear, true color video for playback on a digital format. Remote Eyes surveillance systems provide many options ranging from a stand-alone camera and monitor to a more sophisticated PC-based application that records using digital format and can be burned onto a DVD or emailed to law enforcement authorities. Many CCTV systems can be accessed remotely so you can monitor the area from your home computer or from any computer with internet access.

These systems can be tailored to satisfy your specific security needs. You may choose the frame rate, adjust resolution, set the system to turn on only when it detects movement, or set the system to stay on at all times, monitor several areas at once, and even record dark areas using night vision technology. A wide variety of hard-wired and wireless cameras are available such as vandal proof and covert cameras that look like smoke detectors.

CCTV- Camera Surveillance

Telephone Entry Systems/Intercoms

Ensuring that an entrance is secure does not require a door. Telephone entry systems are an effective tool for receptionists, tenants, and security personnel who are the first line of defense against unwanted visitors requesting entry. We can help you design an entry system that may include identification badges, an access control digital key pad, a card reader, a hand reader, a thumb reader, and/or a biometric device.

Telephone Entry Systems/Intercoms

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