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Safes & Safe Services

84-fireFire Damage Protection

Unfortunately, any home or business could suffer fire damage. Fortunately, you can minimize damage to your business’s records should a fire occur. Kleppers has been a trusted fire safe provider for many companies, businesses, and homes. Our fire resistant safes will allow you to feel secure in the knowledge that your vital records, financial documents, and valuables are effectively protected against fire damage.


88-dataData and Media Safes

Many businesses and home offices rely on magnetic media to store important data. Losing data to fire damage is devastating but can be prevented. Media safes are specially made to protect magnetic media such as digital pictures, CDs, and DVDs against fire damage.

89-highHigh Security Commercial Safes

When cash and/or valuables must remain on premises, securing them in a high security safe will provide maximum protection of your assets. Commercial-grade high security safes are manufactured to meet the most rigorous industry standards. Many anti-burglary features are available such as reinforced barrier material, steel armored plates, tamper-resistant locks, and cross locking relockers. Our knowledgeable safemasters can make recommendations regarding the type of safe that will best meet your needs.

Gun and Pistol Safes

In the interest of personal security and public welfare, gun and pistol owners can rely on safes to responsibly secure firearms. Many sizes and models are available to choose from with features that are intended to protect firearms from fire damage and theft.

95-gun 97-gun

98-serviceSafe Service

Safes are equipped with sensitive locking systems that, when tampered with, cease to function. In order to ensure that the locking mechanism in your safe is working properly, it should be serviced regularly. If your safe has not been serviced for some time it may begin to malfunction. Our experienced safe masters can restore it to proper working order.

101-salesSafe Sales

A wide variety of safes are available. Choosing a safe with the features and options that you require can seem overwhelming. However, our experienced safemasters can assist you with the selection of an appropriate safe that will protect your valuables and serve as a source of assurance. You can be certain that the safes sold at Kleppers are the highest quality and you can count on our safemasters to handle your service needs.

103-installSafe Installation

We offer safe delivery to your home or business and installation. If you purchase a safe that can be bolted to the floor we offer that service as well. Our safe installation professionals will make sure that your safe is properly installed and that it is placed in a location that will make tampering very difficult.

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