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Luck Line: Phone Stand & Can Tab/Bottle Opener

Luck Line: Phone Stand & Can Tab/Bottle Opener

  • Aluminum bottle opener with additional flat edge tool to easily open aluminum can tabs without damaging nails
  • Can also be used as a phone stand!
  • Small and sleek, fits easily into pocket without adding bulk
  • Includes a 7/8” nickel-plated tempered steel split ring
  • Makes a great addition to your keychain
  • Available in four colors: Black, Blue, Red, and Silver
Lucky Line: American Flag | Key Shapes™

Lucky Line: American Flag | Key Shapes™

  • Our bright, shaped, waving flag is designed to express the patriotic spirit
  • Highest quality brass house key blanks available in both Kwikset & Schlage models
  • Enamel coated, printed with deep color saturation to resist scratching and fading
  • Each key is manufactured & inspected to comply with strictest tolerance using ISO 9001 certified processes
  • Copyright protected design
Lucky Line Products: Magnetic Keys

Lucky Line Products: Magnetic Keys

  • Magnetic Key Blank sticks to any steel surface
  • Perfect to hide a spare key so you’re never locked out
  • Connect multiple keys together to form a silent keychain and simplify your keys
  • Four color options allow you to quickly identify keys by color. Available in Black, Blue, Red or Purple
  • Anodized aluminum is lightweight and rust resistant
  • Available in KW1 and SC1 blanks
  • Patent Protected
Lucky Line Products, Inc.

Lucky Line Products, Inc.

Lucky Line Products has been family owned since 1961 with a simple principle at the core of its operations: treat customers, suppliers & employees well to ensure long-term success. Our mission is to embody the highest standards in business. We apply these high standards to all of our products, and across all product lines. There is no better way to build loyal customer relationships. The quality of our product offering is ensured by using the right raw materials, unparalleled manufacturing, superior testing, and exacting control standards. At Lucky Line, our final measure of quality is total, end-user satisfaction.

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